Skills Transfer, Acceptance & Testing

What do we offer?

SysCentral's wide range of technical and consultative skills enables us to transfer high-level knowledge to your internal IT staff and provide well-rounded, pragmatic advice. This proactively supports and validates your IT procurement decisions, solution development and on-going IT management. Another aspect of our commitment to your satisfaction is the importance we place in acceptance & testing. The criteria is defined and documented at the outset and followed through to a successful sign-off.

How do you benefit?
  • Reduce your learning curve when adopting new technologies
  • Leverage maximum value from immediate use of skills and experience
  • Learn best practice examples from our existing portfolio
  • Gain both business and personal value from knowledge-share
  • Enjoy peace of mind from the start that all your requirements will be met and objectives achieved
What's covered?

SysCentral ensures skills transference throughout the duration of the project and particularly through our workshop, testing and practical processes. You reap the benefits from our open approach to sharing knowledge and information from day one. At the same time, clearly documented Acceptance & Testing criteria ensure your essential requirements are appropriately assessed, delivered and approved.