Ship to Site IT Recovery

What do we offer?

When your buildings and facilities are intact but system failure or theft has made your IT infrastructure inoperable, SysCentral’s Ship-to-Site IT Recovery service delivers replacement systems to your own computer room within an agreed timescale. Specialist Recovery Engineers also arrive to provide technical support to link the replacement equipment into your IT infrastructure.

How do you benefit?

This solution will get your IT systems operational within your own business environment, with minimal down time and total peace of mind.

  • Quicker than industry average dispatch of IT equipment and support personnel
  • Always-available syndicated services, through our superior management of risk
  • Reduced recovery time with best endeavours to ship pre-configured and system loaded equipment
  • Fully supported service and with technical resources on hand
What’s covered?

In the event of loss of a single, proportion or your entire server environment, SysCentral off-loads your backup equipment into your computer room environment or suitable alternative.

  • As soon as possible and always within 4 hours, the backup equipment is shipped to your location
  • Qualified SysCentral specialists in recovery and communications accompany the backup equipment and remain on-site until your applications are successfully running on the backup equipment
  • 24 x 7 maintenance and technical support is available on backup equipment at all times during the invocation period, providing post-disaster technical support
  • 14 weeks use of backup equipment upon invocation, with no additional charges levied in that period
  • An annual planned rehearsal of recovery procedures undertaken either at your site, or at a SysCentral Business Continuity Centre
  • To help you effectively manage risk, SysCentral has comprehensive risk management practices including effective exclusion zones and low syndicated ratios for its subscription services