Online Data Backup

What do we offer?

SysCentral’s fully managed, automated backup solution delivers greater operational availability; with onsite and offsite file and data restoration and rapid recovery of larger data volumes. It provides you with a cost-effective alternative to tape backup with the added benefits of immediate data protection and improved data restoration.

How do you benefit?

Enjoy peace of mind that your data is backed up securely and can be restored rapidly without over burdening your IT department.

  • Simple, cost effective and scalable protection for your business critical data
  • Removes the need for costly tape management
  • Predictable TCO ensures no hidden costs or extra capital expenditure
  • Minimises lost productivity from user downtime and the costs of recreating permanently lost data
  • Frees up your specialist IT staff to concentrate on value adding tasks
What’s covered?
  • Important documents, emails or files can be quickly restored onsite by your IT staff or users, through an easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Larger restores can be performed offsite by SysCentral with your critical data protected in a state of the art Business Continuity Centre
  • Scheduled point-in-time copies of the data are taken, ensuring that you can go back to a point before the information was compromised
  • You define the backup process, to meet the requirements of your business to protect critical data and satisfy statutory obligations and best practice
  • For more complete business continuity provision, SysCentral can supply the data via removable media on a pre-configured replacement server
  • In the event of a problem at your site, your server(s) can be restored to a virtual infrastructure within a SysCentral Business Continuity Centre, with your staff working from the centre or accessing the server(s) remotely
  • SysCentral’s resilient and flexible network ensures multiple connectivity options